2016 Chevrolet Spark doesn’t reach full mileage charge

2016 Chevy Spark EV: I have charged the vehicle several times but the battery display only shows 56 miles (should be 82 miles). The car has 15k miles on it. How can I get the Full mileage charge?

Have you been back to the dealer?

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Sounds like the battery has aged to the point that it has lost capacity. I’d have the dealer look at it but don’t be surprised if they say its normal.

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One opinion on the subject from a Spark EV Forum

Don’t get your hopes up! For the 2016 model, the battery must degrade more than 40% and / or within 8 years from the date the car was first put into service. I estimate the 2016 Spark EV battery capacity must fall below 11.4 kWh before the warranty is valid. AND… "if warranty repair requires replacement, the high voltage battery may be replaced with either a new or factory refurbished high voltage battery with an energy capacity (kWh) storage) level at or within approximately 10% of that of the original battery at the time of warranty repair."

REF: Page 14 of the 2016 Chevrolet Limited Warranty and Owner Assistance Information booklet.

31% degradation in 4+ years.
I’d be disappointed.
Hot climate and sitting around fully charged are two things that make lithium batteries age faster.

I think this is being misinterpreted, the important part is “of the original batteryPERIOD. The following six words are double talk.

Thank you.

‘disapointed’ is not the word I’d use here.


So I’ll ask: Are you in a hot climate? Are you in the habit of keeping the battery fully charged when sitting for days or longer un-used?

Not yet.
The dealers responce: “The numeric range is a guess on recent past driving, if you keep driving it economically, that number will go higher every time, call to discuss.”
Does the distance calc of the vehicle vary by this much or should I be concerned? (newbie)

I think you need to search for EV Spark Forum if such a thing exists . I don’t think there are any regulars on this Forum that have a Spark EV .

Thank you for your guidance.