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2016 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 check engine light

I just want to know how to turn off my check engine light

The only way that light goes off is if the problem that turned it on fixes itself or you take it into a shop that reads the error code, fixes it and resets it.

If this really is a 2016 truck, it is likely still under warranty so take it to the dealer.


It is still under warranty but they say a rodent chewed the wire into and threw the code but I didn’t see any damage to the wire just where they cut it into ….the chevy dealership wanted to charge me 300 bucks to attach the wire back on and turn the light off ….this would the second time they tried this ….I paid the first time not knowing any better …Do you have any suggestions ?

It would have been really useful to have this info in the first post…

So the dealer didn’t warranty their work? Or did they say that wasn’t the only problem? Again, not enough information from you.

You only really have one option - fix the truck. The damaged wire (or wires) is required for the truck to operate properly. It doesn’t. Even if you think it does, it doesn’t, that’s why the light is on. If you don’t like dealer labor pricing, take it to a good independent shop and pay them to find and fix your rodent-chewed wires.

Talk to your insurance agent as well. If the bill is high enough, it may pay to file a claim - the money already spent and what you’ll need to spend to fix all the rodent damage.

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