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Engine light

My engine light is on. I took it to the mechanic and he said that we should not worry. He told us that the protected tape that was around the wire was chewed by a rodent. Is there any way to shut the engine light off.

You don’t need a way to just shut the engine light off. You need a new mechanic who will actually diagnose the problem that your vehicle has and fix it. Then the light will fail to come on b/c the car’s computer won’t report any system malfunctions.

Did your mechanic actually tell you what code(s) was being stored? (It would be a letter followed by 4 numbers such as P0123). If so, post the actual code(s).

Or you can drive into an auto parts chain (such as Advance or Autozone) and ask to have your codes read. They should do it for free. Write down those P numbers and post them here to get a start.