2016 Chevrolet Corvette lawnmower sound

My 2016 Stingray Convertible sounds like a lawnmower. I’m told to just live with it. Can nothing be done? I wanted your expert opinion before I check out of this life and it’s getting close. Thanks!

It would be nice to know who is saying ’ live with it ’ . Also there might be a Corvette club near you and those people just live to help other Corvette owners. Lawn mower sound is not much to go on .

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From where? The exhaust?

If it is exhaust note; There are probably 500 different replacement exhaust systems available in the aftermarket for Corvettes with nearly ANY sound you’d like yours to make. Throaty growl to high pitched wail.

Go to a Corvette show, cruise-in or Cars and Coffee and ASK Corvette owners what mufflers they bought and ask if they will demonstrate to you. Order the one you like and have it installed.

If this is a new sound that just started, no, don’t just live with it.

Might not be all bad-



yeah, who is telling you to live with it? Is this a new sound?
Any chance the factory warranty is still in place?

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Did you say you were about to check out of this life? Don’t do that!

Please clarify about the lawnmower sound. Is the exhaust system stock? And does a 2016 Corvette have cylinder deactivation?

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