2016 Chevrolet Colorado torque

What the heck is Torque?
I still cannot figure this out
My 2016 Chevy Colorado has good HP, but i guess lousy torque
I have to slam the gas pedal down, to get any decent power
Chevy told me, they made it this way to get more gas mileage, *&^%, i need more Torque I think???

Torque in engineering terms is the twisting force the engine can apply at whatever rpm it is running at the time. It is generally described as foot-lbs or pounds-feet. Picture a 200 lb man putting his full weight on a 1 foot long breaker bar to a bolt. That man is applying 200 ft-pounds of torque.

In seat-of-the-pants terms, it is the grunt you feel when accelerating from a dead stop. There’s not a lot you can do to help this issue. short of selling it and getting one with a bigger engine OR changing the rear-end gears (and front axle, too, if 4WD) to multiply the torque your engine has to the rear wheels.