2016 Cadillac XTS - Vibrates

Vibration at hwy speed

Have you had the wheels balanced recently? Is it one speed more than others>

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That model has problems with vibration/shaking from the torque converter. That’s where I’d look first. https://www.carcomplaints.com/Cadillac/ATS/2016/transmission/transmission_shaking.shtml Depending on mileage it could be under warranty.

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Out of balance wheel and tire… maybe needs a road-force machine…

Or it could be the torque converter.

The front end of this model is so sensitive to minor tire imbalances that road-force balancing is a must. The OP should look for a shop that uses Hunter GSP 9700 balancing equipment, and he can do so via this link:


The good news is that this equipment is fairly easy to find at this point. Most new car dealers have it, and many tire shops have installed it. Even my county’s vocational school has added it to their auto repair program.


Let’s hope so. Wheel balancing is much cheaper than transmission repairs.