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Cadillac ats steering wheel vibrations

hey guys

So i recently got winter tires for my 2014 cadillac ats and noticed that my steering wheel had some very slight vibration. I thought it was weird but continued driving for about 3 weeks hoping it would go away but it didnt so i went back to the tire place and told them the problem and they took a look and said the some weight fell out and they re balanced the tires. Right when i got out of the place i am still experiencing some slight vibrations what could be wrong? And how can i fix it? Its not a very big vibration but its very annoying. I am feeling the vibration at around 40km and it doesnt go away even at high speeds. No vibration during braking or idling.

The wheels are after market before the winter tires i had all season tires on them and never felt any vibrations on the steering wheel and drove very smoothly. The winter, all season tires and wheels are all bought from the same place. I hope you guys can help.

More than likely, that tire shop doesn’t have Road Force Wheel Balancing equipment.
Find a shop that uses Hunter GSP 9700 balancing equipment, and the problem just might disappear.

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The shop may not have properly balanced the tires a 2nd time. There should be weights both on the inside and the outside of the wheel. Even if they are stick-on weights. If there are only weights on one side of each wheel, the tire were not dynamically balanced and they will vibrate.

Or the wheels you bought are not straight or round. Since you feel the vibration at 40 kph, that is a possibility OR @VDCdriver 's suggestion of road-force balancing.


Good ideas above, likely one of those is the culprit. Suggest to ask your shop to visually confirm (by hand rotating each tire while the car is lifted) that the tire run-out up/down and side to side are both ok.

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Hey guys,
So i went to another tire place and turns out my wheels were not balanced properly. I just got it rebalanced and the vibrations went away.
Thank you for your help !

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Since the place where you bought the tires had two tries at balancing the tires, and failed on both attempts, I REALLY hope that you don’t go back to those dolts the next time that you need to buy tires.
I don’t expect the staff at a tire shop to be able to sing grand opera, or to tap dance, or to be able to compete on Jeopardy, but I do expect that they can balance tires properly.


You’d think a tire store could properly balance tires. Something is out of whack. Sort of like an ice cream store that forgets to keep the ice cream frozen.

A couple years ago I needed to buy 4 new tires for my Corolla and 4 for my truck, so 8 in total. This was gonna be a significant outlay, so it gave me incentive to shop around. I personally visited about 10 tires shops in the area. I found that 5 of them were simply unusable. The staff there had no idea what they were talking about. The other 5 had knowledgeable staff, but at 3 of those 5, the staff were rude and otherwise not very helpful. So only 2 out of the 10 tire shops I visited were shops I’d consider to buy tires at. Not very good odds if choosing at random.