2016 Cadillac XTS - Jerks and hisses

I have a 2016 Cadillac XTS. Took car to dealership 7 times for this issue and they say they could only replicate this issue one time and no error code is displaying. This issue is random but seems to happen more during overcast or rainy days. When car is shifting gears, normally between 45 - 60 miles per hour, car will jerk and then you will hear a air release sound from the back of the car. Compressor for air shocks have been replaced now at 50 K miles and now at 74 K miles. I believe the issue is leading to the failure of the air compressor for the shocks. Sometimes the jerk is suttle, sometimes it is a very hard jerk. Dealership says GM will not leave me hanging since I have had this problem so long with this car. It has already cost me $ 900.00 for the second air compressor that the extended warranty did not cover. Also at about 40 K miles had to replace the reverse on the transmission. Any suggestions !

Either push GM into arbitration to get them to buy back a car they cannot fix… might be too late for that… or sell the car.

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