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2017 Cadillac XTS - Rear drop

just hit the 55K mark rear dropped waited couple days system came rear end came right up took I was told my the dealer air compressor /air spring shock/ no recall concerning issue $$$

If possible, could you repost that in conventional English?
If we are able to deduce what you are trying to say, we just might be able to provide some useful advice.

The OP’s air suspension is acting up, probably starting to fail completely. If his vehicle is within the 4 yr./50k bumper-to-bumper warranty it doesn’t matter whether there’s a recall or not.

Did you not read that poorly written post ? The only clear part of it was that they have 55000 miles ( or it could be Kilometers for all we know ) .

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My bad. I missed the mileage. The rest of the post really wasn’t that hard to understand. Unfortunately the OP is on the hook for the repair and it won’t be cheap.

That is annoying to replace air leveling parts on a 3 yr old car.