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2016 Buick Verano - Is this a common issue?

My daughter owns one of these vehicles last night she was driving home from a company party she accidentally hit the curb blew the tire out and it busted and axle is that a common situation with these vehicles

Karen, this had nothing to do with the vehicle . just be glad she is alright ( you did not say otherwise ) . Vehicles of any kind do not do well when driven into curbs.


That problem is more common with daughters returning from a party than it is with Buicks.


LOL I understand that but it’s not what you think she was not drunk she does not drink what I was talking about is the axle

Drunk or distracted, she still hit a curb. That will do damage to nearly any car.


I agree with the comments above. This is not unexpected for any vehicle driven into a curb.

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Why blame the vehicle for being a bad driver.

Tell her to call Uber if she is going to party.


Accidents happen. I have a friend in her 60s that is a good driver and a non drinker. She was distracted while driving her Mercury Milan and did exactly the same thing.