2016 Buick LaCrosse - Known problem

Were considering buying a car that the consumer report says the suspension is a problem & that is what we noticed on it when we drove it. If they change the shocks & struts on this car, will it make the difference to where we would buy it?

You have noticed a problem that Consumer Report also noticed. No to changing shocks and struts . Change your search list to some thing else.

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Probibly not, what is the problem with the suspension that you noticed?

I vote no. Why buy a vehicle with a known problem when you can buy any one you like?

On the other hand…

There are a lot of cars out there with terrible reviews or reputations that make it mostly trouble free to 200K miles or more.

All things being equal, I’d have the car thoroughly checked out by a good mechanic (not affiliated with the seller). You might get a good deal.

Or not. But at least you’ll be informed about the actual car in front of you, rather than a generalization about that particular kind of car.

… especially when it is now officially an “orphaned” vehicle.
Is the OP aware that GM discontinued this model a few months ago?