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2016 BMW 528 - Value

My lease on this car runs out soon, so how much is the car worth?

I guess you are thinking of buying this vehicle. Your lease contract will have the residual value listed and that is what it will cost you to buy it. As for value that can’t be determined because options , mileage , location , condition all have a bearing on price. You can use KelleyBlueBook online and have some idea of value.

Volvo is spot on. If you are thinking about buying the lease out on this vehicle yourself, but don’t want to overpay, check out BestRide, CarTalk’s sister publication for some ideas on prices in your area. This link will take you right to the BMW 5 Series cars for sale. You can sort as you wish. BMWs have a reputation for massive depreciation. This story calls the BMW 5-Series the single best-used car deal.