Does anyone know how BMW calculates residual values for loaner or demo vehicles with less than 5k miles on them

I am currently trying to lease a 2018 BMW 330i and have been getting some questionable numbers from a dealership. I’m not sure how they are calculating the residual value. From what I’ve read online the residual value for a 2018 330i at 36mo/10k would be 58%. If this loaner I’m trying to lease has less than 5k miles on it, could that 58% really be that far down?

I doubt it. But read ALL the fine print in the lease, it should specify the residue value. Since this was a loaner vehicle prior to being offered for lease it may have been abused.
You might want to consider lowering your sights and finding something you could buy instead of lease.

How ever it works out best for THEM.


08%20PMThanks for the replies. Thought I’d share this. I found it on bimmerfest, the URL is

Seems that I was right about cars that have less than 5k miles on them. I was quoted at 550 a month for a car that was $42,000 for 36mo/10k a year. Not sure how they got that number and how BMWFS would even approve it if they messed around with the residual value.

You are leasing so why the concern about residual value . The idea behind leasing is you drive a more expensive vehicle then you can really afford or it is a business write off. If you have doubts about the numbers then just don’t do it.
550.00 a month at 10000.00 miles a year and after 3 years all you have to show for it is a stack of receipts.

Here’s a discussion dedicated to 2018 BMW 3 series leases over at Edmunds:

From what i’ve read the residual value is adjusted for the mileage compared to leasing one fresh of the lot, I think any rebates or lease cash would apply as well to the demo but those deals vary month to month. Here’s a discussion starting in January on LeaseHackr

All this is meaningless. At the end of the lease you have NOTHING.
If your real question is: At the end of the lease, how much will it cost to purchase the vehicle? Again ask the dealer.

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