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2017 BMW X6 value?


How much is my car worth?

To me nothing . Seriously , there are many online sites that will give you a value that takes in account your location . You can look at dealer web sites and see what a vehicle like yours is selling for.

Since I can’t see your vehicles condition or how many miles I would not even try to guess.

To me? Nothing. I find the car ugly.

You might look it up on

To be honest, this is not a car I would ever want to own or drive. So it would be worth less to me than a 25-year old Dodge Caravan, Dodge Spirit, etc. which I do want to own and drive. However, it sounds like you want to know what the general market values your car at, and websites such as KBB or Edmunds can tell you that.

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Exactly what ever someone will pay for it

For a 2017 in poor condition and over 300, 000 miles, less than $20,000. If you search any of the above mentioned sites you can plug in accurate information on your car and get a better estimate.

A 2016 M series is listed for 53k near me.
And a 14’ base for 30k

Pick-N-Pull pays about $175.00 for any car that runs and drives and is complete and has a title.

There were 2 free cars on CL this week. Both with titles. I have aaa and could have had them towed to my house. And than called the junkyard. Would have made $175? Shoot. Missed out.