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2016 BMW 428i uneven tire wear

BMW 428xi - Original tires lasted 57,000 miles. Replaced all 4 tires - 31,000 miles later - both back tires are completely bald, yet front tires are fine. Why would this be happening?

Tires with lower wear rating - not rotating every 5000 to 6000 miles . Some tires just last longer then others , it is just that simple . As for original tires on a BMW lasting 57000 miles is almost unheard of . Did you buy this vehicle new ? If bought used those may have not been the original tires.


Car was purchase new. All 4 tires were replaced with exact same tires the car came with when purchased new. Original tires lasted 57,000 miles. New set has 31,000 miles on them and the front rotes have plenty of tread on them and both back tires are bald. The car is all-whelk drive

All wheel drive , all the more reason to rotate tires. Of course you don’t say what these replacement tires are .


Did you get an alignment when you got the new tires?

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The alignment may have done badly. The factory alignment was just fine.
Were new wheels put on?

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In the future, rotate the tires every 5000 to 10,000 miles and wear will be more even.

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2 thoughts:

First, the front tires are doing different things than the rears, so one shouldn’t expect the tires to wear at the same rate.

Second, even though the name on the sidewall of a tire says the same thing, the tires may be different. Vehicle manufacturers have specs the tire supplier must follow and the tire is manufactured to those specs. Buying the tires on the open market results in a different tire, even though they may appear the same.

Rear tires wearing out generally means more stop and go. So was there a change in driving habits? New driver? New domicile? New pavement?

And lastly, if tires are rotated regularly, they should wear out at about the same time.

[[ OK, that was 4 thoughts!]]

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88k miles in 4yrs. You do drive it. I might have noticed wear on rears after 15k or so? But you have been rotating so you should have had even wear on all. Which is odd.
How long you going to keep it? Trade soon? So, it don’t matter?

OP didn’t say they rotated the tires, did they? Maybe they did for the first set when BMW was maintaining it, and not the second?