2016 BMW 328 - Tire rotation question

328xi. tire manufacturer says warranty is only covered if you rotate your tires. BMW dealer says NOT to rotate tires on xi vehicles. So who is correct?

Probably both.

If the front and rear tires/wheels are the same size, then they require rotating for any mileage warranty…

If you have staggered wheel/tire sizes front to back, meaning the rears are bigger than the fronts, then you can not (well shouldn’t lol) rotate the tires front to rear,… You will tend to get about 1/2 mileage life with staggered tire/wheel sizes…

If you tell us your current tire sizes, check more than one, we can help with your answer…

225/50RF17 94W

But manufacturer says not to rotate for 328 xi vehicles

I think you are taken that out of context somehow… That may be talking about staggered size tires or worn tires…

Starting with new tires, ALL 4 new tires, rotate them every 5,000 miles for your tires to last longer, as long as they are all 4 the same size…

Yes, rotating staggered size wheels/tires WILL effect handling characteristics…

Our dealer said NOT to rotate on 328 xi
He says it is different than regular 328i

BTW I have sold and warrantied tires on hundreds of BMW like yours and never had any problems rotating the tires nor did the company that I worked… If there was an issue we would not rotate the tires cause that could cost the company $$$$ for every vehicle…

Is your dealer a BMW new car dealer??

Who is telling you not to rotate the tires?? Car salesman, service righter or service manager??

Yes they are. They are where we purchased it as well

You may not have seen that question through your rmail…

You need to read your complete owners manual… And call a few different dealers and BMW experts…


We’ve indicated above that many BMW models will require tire rotations every 5,000-7,500 miles. But that’s more for front-wheel-drive models. If your BMW has xDrive all-wheel drive, you’ll probably want to do tire rotations every 3,000-5,000 miles.

From a very large BMW dealer…


Another BMW dealer…


What about BMW models equipped with xDrive all-wheel-drive? Do you have to rotate tires on AWD? Yes! However, tire wear will occur at different times and at different speeds for each tire. Accordingly, most tire rotation experts set the recommended tire rotation interval for AWD vehicles to be between 3,000 and 5,000 miles. This is still just a guide, though. Check your owner’s manual to be sure. And if you can’t remember the last time you bought your car in for a BMW tire rotation near Merced, schedule service at the BMW Fresno service center today, and we’ll perform an inspection and let you know!


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Bmw service manager

You created an account in order to ask a question, I have answered your question to the best of my ability with resources and 17 years experience in the tire business…

Now it is up to you as to what you do with the information provided…


The post above (4) seems to suggest rotating tires R & L is ok, as long as they stay on the same axle; i.e. a front-left / front-right rotation. Does the service manager say even that is not allowed on your car?

We (unfortunately) owned a 2014 BMW X3 with AWD for a few years. The tires were the same exact size on all 4 corners. BMW’s service center would not rotate them for us. Over the years we owned that vehicle, the only thing that didn’t go wrong was uneven tire wear. As an aside, BMW also would not do oil changes sooner than needed, nor would they perform any other work not specified in the manual (even if we wanted to pay them).

Thanks for the info.


What(site) is this a screenshot of?

It is from the bmw manual

Oh, ok.

Just making sure not some generic website advice. On the web you see, for every source of honest info there are ten fakes!

Up until recently, BMW didn’t recommend rotating tires on their cars. That’s because they value handling over evenness of tire wear. They have a point but it’s a small point! Nothing terrible will happen if you do rotate.

They have continued that recommendation for many of their vehicles, but apparently have seen the light for some.

So if you want to follow BMW’s recommendation about not rotating tires , be prepared to buy tires more often. But if tire wear is important to you, ignore BMW’s recommendation.

(Caveat about staggard fitments)