2016 Avalon Rocks Laterally On Turns

2016 Avalon (used) had been a smooth ride until about four weeks ago. Now it rocks significantly when turning going at moderate/slow city driving speed, especially when turning into one-way (narrower turn angle) streets. It also rocks, to a lesser degree, when going over any part of the street that isn’t perfectly flat, as well as sometimes when slowly coming to a stop.

This started after my block was dug up for “re-paving”, which took the city six weeks to remember to do. More than just “rough pavement”, the dug up street was actually at different levels, so the car rocked considerably every time I very slowly drove down the street. After four weeks of this is when the car started rocking on normal streets and turns.

Is there something that controls the amount of “play” in the Avalon so that the ride isn’t “stiff”? If so, could that have gotten out of whack after the weeks of driving on the dug up, uneven street?

It sounds like the struts are bad. Have your mechanic check them.

Is this the same vehicle that in January you asked about ’ play’ in the steering ?

VDC is right , you need this in a shop because you may have serious problems .

Sounds like you have a broken stabilizer bar link. Specifically a front one. The stabilizer bar is a big spring that works only when the car rolls to one side. It helps “stabilize” the car.

They are very cheap and should be replaced in pairs.


Do you not have anyone who can drive this rocking vehicle and determine if it really has a problem or makes noises that might lead to the problem ?

Thank you everyone for your comments. BTW I did have someone drive it but he said he didn’t feel anything unusual.

So, you initially said it was riding differently them before? And now your friend says it is ok? So, you are happy? I wish I had a 2016 Avalon. Heard they rode great. And are reliable.