2013 Toyota Avalon front-end vibration

own a '13 Avalon with 207,000 miles on it . I feel a vibration coming from the front end immediately after hitting a bump, almost feels thing I’m going over a rumble strip but this also occurs when I hit 50 mph under slight acceleration on a smooth road. I’m thinking maybe sparkplugs as I’ve never had them replaced. No trouble with starting and no check engine light on.

Have the front struts ever been replaced? Sounds to me like one of your front struts is dead.

I replaced the strut and upper control arm bushing on the driver’s side about 40,000 miles ago (the side I feel the rumble on). Had the front end checked when I replaced brakes and was told ‘everything was tight’. I guess I should go ahead an do the spark plugs anyway. I’ve put it off because the dealer wants 600 to change the plugs. Thanks

With the rumble-strip aspect to this, ask you shop to check the torque converter lock-up clutch is working correctly. It’s a pretty common thing here the cause of a rumble strip sensation happening in the 35-50 mph range was a problematic TC lock-up clutch.

I want to know?

What real mechanic replaces only one strut?