2015 Toyota Sienna - Stalls and shows these warning lights

when i start my car and put it on drive, as it moves for 30 seconds it goes off showing the oil light and battery

It’s trying to tell you that you may a problem–or possibly two problems.

When you checked the dipstick, what was the level of the motor oil?
When you state that “it goes off”, are you telling us that the engine stops/stalls?
If this is not what you meant, please clarify the situation for us.
How old is the battery?
Is the Check Engine Light lit up?
How often do you drive the vehicle?
How far do you drive it each time?
How many miles are on the odometer?

So many questions…

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Those lights will automatically turn on if the engine stalls.


Of course, but then there is the question of WHY the engine stalls, so I am really hoping that the OP returns to respond to my questions. That is also why I stated that he may have a problem–or two.