Funky oil warning light

Recently my engine sometimes strains for a few seconds before starting. It is cranking. When that happens, the oil light comes on and stays on. (Oil level is fine.) If I turn it off and start it again, the start is sometimes still slow but the light never comes on. Other times it starts immediately and then the oil light never comes on. Nor does it ever come on while driving. 1994, 74,000K

The description is hazy but I’ll assume what you mean is that the starter motor is cranking the engine over slowly or is sluggish when first engaged.

If that’s the case, then the battery is the first suspect and it should be load tested along with inspection and cleaning of the battery terminals.
The oil light is probaby irrelevant and the slow cranking does not generate enough oil pressure to douse the light.

Makes perfect sense. Will check battery and see. Mahalo.