2015 Toyota RAV4 temporary loss of power

Temporary loss of power on 2015 Rav 4 at varied speeds. On long run on I-5 keeping a constant speed of 70 it happened over and over again. Toyota Service manager said it is a result of me placing a foot too close to brake pedal. I said I do not move my feet around. Isles him why doesn’t it happen constantly? Supposedly they are consulting with Toyota engineers. When I I quoted many complaints on internet I was told you cannot rely on internet. What are possible causes?

I would try a different dealership.
Are you getting a CEL?
Does it do this with the cruise control on?

And yet here you are! :grinning:

Without a mechanic with his computer hooked to the car while this is happening, there is limited chance this will get fixed. So the internet can’t help you but a ride-along with a mechanic while you demonstrate the problem might get a fix. Suggest that to the dealer, expect to pay for the mechanic’s time.

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One possibility-a plugged tank vent system. Try driving on a country road, when it happens pull off to a safe location and open the gas cap. If there’s a vacuum there might be a problem with the tank vent system.

Sadly there are no country roads in crowded area of S. Cal. where I live but I will still try your test in a parking lot when I get to destination. Thanks for advice.

Checked for vacuum in gas tank, no vacuum. Must be something else. Toyota dealer service Dept. insists it is case of safety feature that when one foot is NEAR or on brake pedal and other on gas it’s reaction is temporary loss of power! It is a danger!!!

Do you left foot brake?