2015 Toyota RAV4 - Loses power

When turning right on to a highway from a stop car looses power for a second or two and then starts moving again. It happened four times within a month. I am concerned about this and would like to know if others have experienced this problem and ,if so, what is the solution.

The chance that someone who has a 2015 Rav4 having the same problem and seeing your post is really low . Have a local shop look at this before you stall in front of a large truck.

I’m not a mechanic but my first thought is a failing fuel pump. Is the vehicle low on gas when this happens?

Is the check engine light (the yellow engine symbol) on? Flashing? Any other lights? How many miles on the Rav?

I expect almost everybody has experienced that sort of thing one time or another. Esp w/older vehicles. Not so muchon a 2015 though. It’s often termed “drop out”. Usually the cause is a problem with the fuel, electrical, or ignition system. It’s definitively not supposed to happen, so you need to get your shop looking into the cause asap. You might want to start with a general inspection and a basic engine tune-up. Investigate diagnostic codes, new spark plugs, new engine air filter, new fuel filter, check idle rpm and timing. Make sure you have a full tank of gas of course, if such a thing is affordable.