2015 Toyota Camry - trouble starting after shutting off

starts good the first thing in the morning runs good but if you shut it off and wait 10 minutes it cranks for 30 seconds before it starts . there is no maintanace lights on I can smell gas after it starts from exaust

I believe your car has a leaking fuel injector.

Also you might have a leaking fuel pressure regulator. If there is a hose from the regulator to the intake manifold vacuum source, clamp it off and see if that helps. If the fuel pressure regulator is attached to the intake manifold with the fuel lines on the back, replacement is the only option.


Another idea, the computer thinks the coolant is still cold so is injecting extra gas when in fact a leaner starting mixture is required b/c the engine is hot. Ask your shop to check for a faulty coolant temp sensor. There’s not CEL and you’ve checked for diagnostic codes, right?