1993 Toyota Camry won’t restart til car cools down



After driving 10 minutes car shuts down and won’t restart until car cools off after 1 hour. Car restarts runs smooth for approx. 10 min. and repeats problem.


Bad ignition module can act like that as can a bad coil. When that happens, key ON, radio OFF, does the fuel pump hum? No hum, bad fuel pump or fuel pump relay. Swap the relay with a similar one for something not needed in the fuse block. Try to restart. No go?

Next pull a plug wire and hold it close to a good ground to check if it has spark when the engine is cranked. No spark, check the coil first. Good coil, swap in a new ignition module.


Thanks for suggestions. I am suspecting bad coil or ignition module.


Thanks for your advice that is in agreement with what others have shared. I think I can fix it.