2015 Toyota Camry knocking noise under the gas pedal

I have a knocking noise and seems to be under car below the gas pedal

One other owner has reported a knocking noise from the transmission on a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder. https://m.carcomplaints.com/Toyota/Camry/2015/transmission/knocking_noise.shtml A good independent mechanic can figure out where the noise is actually coming from and suggest a solution.

Let us know when you find out. When do you hear the sound? Is it with the car completely off and you press on the gas pedal? Is it when driving? Is it when turning or when reverse?

I have a 05 Camry. I hear a knocking sound coming from same area as you while in reverse and car is stationary. I think it might be the transmission mount for me. It causes the whole car to rattle slightly. I replaced my torque mount and it was torn slightly, so there was two holes in the mount. So probably time for me to replace all mounts and see if it helps my rattle issue. But my car is also 15 years old and has 165k on it.