Van shudders with new brakes

Have a Chrysler Town & country. It shuddered one you tried to stop as if the rotor was warped. I put new rotors on and brake pads. It works great for about 2 weeks but now the shudder is come back

Did you install cheap brake rotors?

Update: Raybestos Issues Warning on “Lightweight” Rotor

lightweight versus standard brake rotor

Raybestos, a leading aftermarket brake supplier, has issued a warning about Chinese-made brake rotors that are dangerously thinner than name-brand aftermarket and original equipment brake rotors. The lightweight rotors are being sold in various auto parts stores to unsuspecting consumers as standard replacement rotors. But the thickness of the discs in these “lightweight” rotors has been reduced by increasing the air gap between the rotor faces. This saves about 4 to 5 lbs. of cast iron per rotor, and reduces the manufacturing cost $3 to $4 per rotor. Unfortunately, this trick also reduces rotor strength (which is important to resist cracking and rotor failure), the rotor’s ability to absorb and dissipate heat, and the ability to resurface the rotor safely the next time the pads need to be replaced. For more details, read this warning.


If a caliper is not sliding on its pins, or a piston is jammed/rusted in place, you’ll be putting unequal forces on the sides of the rotor. This leads to uneven heating and warping.

If one front rotor is hotter than the other after some brake usage, that’s probably where the caliper problem lies. Don’t touch the rotor - it can burn your finger tip.

How many rotors, two or four? If only two, look at the other two and if one looks worse than the other it may be the problem rotor.

Cold have a caliper sticking or not releasing all the way or a rubber brake line collapsing and not letting the brake to release one other thing that happened to me my woman is a 2 FOOT driver and even if they know fo a fact there foot is just “in front of the peddle” they are actually applying a ever so slight amount of pressure the break light may not it come on but still riding the break will do it every time I almost bet if you change your rotors have them checked to make absolutely sure there now t warped and then when it starts doing the shutter again have them check again I almost 100% positive they will be warped