2008 Subaru Impreza power steering leak

basically i need help figuring out why my power steering is leaking. It continually pools on top of the intake with no signs on the pump of a leak. myself and my mechanics are baffled. note this is the ninth pump that has been installed all of them last only two months if lucky all ending in the same pool of power steering fluid. i have changed every part of the power steering system nothing is original now. this is my wifes favorite car she absolutly loves it. please help…

I hate to put it this way but if everything for the power steering system has been replaced and there still is a puddle forming maybe it isn’t a power steering problem. Maybe you should also try a different mechanic. After all no one here can actually see it.


Is the steering getting stiffer when this happens?

its been through 3 mechanics now

and yes power steering is tight and starts to rachet when it starts leaking

A similar problem was reported at carcomplaints.Make sure all hoses are secure and leak free.

i have found the leak it actually leaks from the sensor on the back of the pump, right out of the boot on the wire… any ideas for stopping this leak? found this by a static bench test belt removed electric motor driving the pump @ 1200 rpm for about 2hrs before dripping started. note pump was still installed in car.

Is the leak from the pump or the sensor. Without me having specific knowledge of your car I don’t know the possibilities, but often a sensor is screwed into a part, so it’s actually a separate piece that can be replaced. It’s possible that the sensor has not been replaced when the pump was replaced, so the leak continued through all the past work.

the sensor is set with a spline snap ring its been changed on every replacement

So each and every pump came with a new sensor already installed?

If so, maybe it’s leaking due to;

  1. common fault on this assembly. Hard to believe, otherwise the internet would be lit up with complaints about it.

B. perhaps the pressure being built up is high enough to force fluid past the seal for the sensor. Maybe there is some type of blockage going on? You state everything has been changed, but have all the hoses also been changed? Or any other parts that could contribute to a restriction and overly high line pressure?

it is a manufacture defect. they are aware of the issue but have no fix for it.

Good evening, did you find a solutions to this issues. Mine also has the same leak from the sensor to the back.