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2015 Nissan Versa - Code

ags engine light on, code po 59f

What is this? Do you mean the Check Engine Light?

The P059F code means the shutters in front of the radiator are not operating properly. Did you just hit something with the car recently? Is something stuck in the grille? Go look and report back.

no I didnot hit enithik,just purchase car.but looks like sombody change front bumber cover.i did check wires and motor ,looks ok .can i disconekt motor or disconect motor from shotters?

In a message dated 9/20/2019 5:32:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:

I don’t know about your shutters, but your spell check is malfunctioning.

If you disconnect the shutter motor, the code will not go away. If the shutters are not jammed, and the motor is properly attached, it is likely broken. That probably happened when the previous owner had to replace the bumper cover.