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2010 Nissan Rogue Service Engine Soon Light

So my nissan is pissing me off. The Service light came on and my mechanic checked it and it went straight for the o2 sensors so they were replaced 2 of them since they before had wear and tear. Now that I have received my vehicle back this light once more turned on. It states the same code. The mechanic checked everything again and he says everything is good and he can not understand why it continue to turn on. Any opinions on what may be the problem before I have to take it to Nissan?

What is the code?

The thing about o2 sensor codes is that they can fire because the o2 sensor is bad, or because the o2 sensor is good and is actually detecting a problem, in which case it’s time to look at other things, like the catalytic converter.

But to have a good idea of where to point you, we’ll need the actual code like @the_same_mountainbik said. It should start with a P, followed by 4 digits.

Your post is a bit confusing. Are you talking about a service reminder light or a Check Engine light?

A service reminder light would not set a code as he referred. We don’t know the specific code…but it appears he has had the code read


This is a common scenario where the technician/mechanic makes an assumption based on the code and changes the part. Most of the time this works because it is the most common thing that goes bad (in this case the Oxygen sensor). The reality is the code means there is something wrong in the circuit. The sensor should had been tested and if it was fine, then the mechanic should start looking at the other stuff that triggers the O2 sensor code.

Service/Check Engine light.


Time for a second opinion, this board found it emissions related, gas cap, evap system valve, overfilling with gas etc.

Ok, sorry it took a while. The code is P2423/P2423P.

P2423 = HC Adsorption Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold (Bank 1)
Interesting. I’ve never seen this one before. But save your pennies. Sounds like you may need a cat converter.

If others here are more familiar with this one, I welcome their input.

The “HC” in the description refers to hydrocarbons, which is another way of saying I’d guess there’s too much raw gas coming out the tailpipe, unburned. I don’t know how that is determined, as cars don’t have HC sensors, but assuming it is the case, you either got a cat on the fritz, or the engine is misfiring. The later can send a whole cylinder full of raw gasoline into the cat on each non-firing, which a cat wouldn’t be able to process for any length of time and would throw a code.

Does the engine seem to run ok? When you accelerate, does it accelerate powerfully and smoothly? Or does it sort of hesitate a little when you accelerate. It accelerates eventually, but in fits and bursts? If so, that’s consistent with misfiring. Usually misfiring would turn the check engine light on and throw a code for a misfire too.

I wonder if the defective component . . . whether it’s a catalytic converter, or a sensor causing the code, I don’t know . . . is covered by 7/70 or 8/80