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2015 Nissan Versa battery keeps draining

My car battery keeps on draining and I found out its the fuse 29 for the blue tooth and the radio which is combined is draining the battery. I am going to write to Nissan Manufacturer and complain. I want everyone that is having the same problem as me write too. This is a manufacturer problem and they are trying to say that it is my fault that this is happening. I let it sit for one day and my car will not start. I am fed up trying to charge it every time that I let it sit.

5 year old car with a faulty radio. Seems pretty normal these days.

Is this a Nissan factory radio or did you replace it with an aftermarket one?

If there is a CD player built into it the trouble is most likely with it. Sometimes the changer mechanism locks up and stays ON. Places like One Factory Radio can fix it if you want to have it repaired. Problems like this aren’t really considered a factory issue, especially if the warranty period is over with. They are just considered normal repair issues. If you do write to Nisson, I wouldn’t expect a response back.

Why do they say this is caused by you ?

That would be completely useless, and just annoy all involved while accomplishing absolutely nothing.

I disagree that this is a manufacturing fault, and I also disagree that it is your fault. It is 5 years old and things break/malfunction for seemingly no reason all the time. Your warranty is most likely expired and you will have to bear the cost of fixing or replacing the unit.

Then your choices are:

  1. Fix or replace the unit.
  2. Pull the fuse every time you shut the car off.
  3. put a trickle charger on every time you shut the car off.
  4. Pull the fuse, leave it out and have no radio at all.

I know these are not the answers you want, but it is the cold hard reality. As my dad used to say, “some days you eat bear, somedays bear eat you”


Not much information given here… You don’t say exactly how much draw there is on this circuit, for instance…
If there’s more information, then give it and if there’s more to the story, then tell it.

Original battery?
If so, it could be nearly 5 years old or over 5 years old and near death, and not up to charging to full capacity.

Have you had the charging system and battery tested to see if everything is up to the task?

The car came with a manufacturer’s warranty to cover defects for a reasonable amount of time and by making a purchase the buyer agreed to the warranty parameters. If the car’s warranty covers defects as the one you are alleging then Nissan will probably take care of you. Otherwise, on regular old used cars the repairs would be on your dime. They are not going to warranty vehicles forever. that would be foolish.
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OP sounds like they are frustrated by the dealership’s response to their complaint. OP: I expect Nissan has a regional problem solver to handle these sorts of problems, allows you to bypass the dealership. Look in your owner’s manual or warranty brochure for the contact info.

Repair-wise, assuming what you actually want is the problem fixed, the first thing that has to be determined is whether the problem is the radio or the blue tooth. Has that been done? Electronic gadgets are common failure items in cars. Whichever is causing the problem just needs to be replaced is all. It may well be possible to source a used part from a wrecked Versa, from an auto recycler for a reasonable price.

Note that in some cases like this the new car functionality will be impossible to restore. Electronics stuff is changing all the time and if the replacement part isn’t available, your shop will either have to figure out a work-a-round or you’ll choose to do without it.

In the meantime ask the shop to simply disconnect both the radio and blue tooth. That should prevent the battery from discharging. A battery load-test is in order too, as you may have a faulty battery. And Bring along a portable radio in the car with you.