2015 Nissan Rogue stays in low gear

cold morning car stays in low gear. driving car 70 mph on cruise car shifted into low gear what could cause this car has 18700 miles

Are you sure about the accuracy of the information that you posted?
If your transmission actually shifted to 1st gear when you are driving at 70 mph, most likely the engine and the transmission would both self-destruct.

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Your car doesn’t “shift” per se. It’s got a CVT, there is no low gear. It could be that the pulley/drum that allows the transmission to effectively change ratios on the fly is stuck or otherwise malfunctioning


does a 2015 rogue even have a tach? why does driver need to know rpm level? i think we are getting to point of only having a speedo on cars. no alternator gauges, temp gauges, oil pressure, and so on. dont want to give owner too much info.

The Rogues gear-less CVT transmission had some issues. By my count, there are a dozen technical service bulletins on that generation Rogue’s Trans. You can read them over here at this link within CarCompliants (the site you originally started from when you made your post.) Good luck. I suspect Nissan’s dealers may be helpful, despite the car being 127K miles over the limited powertrain warranty. You drive a LOT! Let us know. I’d also love to know how you liked that Rogue overall during its time with you.

OP states mileage is 18,700.

Thanks, my bad. I’m seeing extra zeros today.