2015 Nissan Frontier -Hard shifting

truck shifts hard, it happens mostly when down shifting sometimes dies when coming to stop

Metamucil or a stool softener may help.


More information about the truck, please. Miles on it, has the trans fluid ever been changed, how long this has been going on…

Truck has 80k miles, transmission fluid and filter was replaced at 75K miles with OE fluid
This happened once a month ago driving on city streets at 30 to 40 MPH, two weeks and approximately 200 miles after it happened again going at 60 MPH on freeway, a week passed and it did it once more did not make a difference on speed.
Truck dies while coming to stop , started after three tries, check engine light came on with code P0340, yesterday a replace the CAM position sensor A to see if that makes a difference, truck is working fine so far, but normally it takes a few miles before it does it again.
Any ideas?

Wait and see if the truck shifts hard.

I think you may had 2 problems. The cam sensor could cause the dying at idle. If that is now fixed, it was the sensor. If the truck still shifts hard after cam sensor replacement then the trans has an issue seperate from the cam sensor. Driving with a scanner plugged in to read the sensors in real time may expose the trans problem.

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After I replaced the sensor I drove the truck 30 miles and everything seems to be ok, I’ll wait for a week to see if the problem is finally fixed.
I’ll keep you informed,
Thank you for your help

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