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2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class - wife can't reach the brake pedal

My wife owns a 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLK 350. Because she’s short, she claims she has difficulties in reaching the brake pedal. Her solution is to fold up a small towel and place it under the floormat to “raise” it up so she can more easily reach the brake pedal. Every time I see this, I remove the towel because the thought of it being so close to the accelerator makes me cringe. The other day I needed to get something out of her car and noticed she had placed another small towel there. I explained to her that this was potentially dangerous but she seems to ignore my advice. Please help me convince her that what she’s doing is foolish. Or am I being overly protective?

What she is doing is foolish. You are correct, she should stop…

Now convincing her is up to you.

You might observe how she drives and where she puts her feet. Lifting her foot up with the towel seems to be a serious band-aid. You might consider trading this vehicle in on one that fits her better.


+1 to @Mustangman


Why not just install a brake pedal extender?



I got the impression that she wants to rest her heel on the floor board while pressing the brake pedal , not that she could not reach it.


And I thought I understood the English language.


Yes, something is wrong with the wording. Putting a rolled up towel under the floor mat wouldn’t help her reach the pedal, which is how the problem is worded.

So @AlexandervonIllyes, please explain what the problem is.


This could go on forever and it might. I just don’t understand how putting a towel under the floor mat would make the reach to the brake pedal shorter. She needs a different vehicle period.

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I think we get the general idea of the problem so just let the towel thing pass. I don’t understand it either but big deal. @Tester has the right idea with pedal extenders. In fact way back 50 years ago JC Whitney used to have them in their catalog. You can visit a shop that specializes in outfitting cars for handicaps too. Cars are made for the “average” person. You know that old saying that a guy had his feet in the oven and his head in the refrigerator but on the “average” he was quite comfortable.

Odd, no mention of reaching the gas pedal.

I’m sorry but I don’t think I made myself clear. My wife is “raising” the floorboard by placing a towel underneath so that when she rests her heel, she can more easily reach the break pedal.

I’m telling her it’s dangerous because a loose towel can slide close to the accelerator and cause it to stick.

Am I right or just overly concerned?

Alexander von Illyes, J.D.

I think that could be her technique. Resting her heel between the accelerator and brake pedals while swiveling her toe from one to the other. I had an aunt who drove her 1960s Chrysler Imperials like that. The vehicles I learned on had no power brakes so I lift my foot to the brake pedal.

You are correct , it is a dangerous habit . Brake pedal.


Agreed. There is no need to rest one’s heal on the floor when braking. It actually reduces to amount of pressure that can be applied to the pedal should, say, the brake booster fail.

Oops, yes brake. I should know better!! I was an English major.


Alexander von Illyes, J.D.

So was my wife but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written to instead of too or the greatest sin, there instead of their. Sometimes I catch it if I proof read but sometimes not.

Nor is there a need to rest one’s heel on the floor when braking…


I’m 6 feet tall and I don’t rest my heel on the floor while braking, just when pressing the accelerator.

That’s my understanding, too.

Safer than a rolled up towel that could move and get jammed under the brake pedal would be to put a board or book under the floor mat, right up against the firewall, so it won’t move forward.

Yeah, that too! (to, two)