2015 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class


Have you had problems with this car and what kind? Did the warrantee cover it? Thanks


Is there any chance you could make your question clearer. Do you have this vehicle , are you planning to buy one or do you have a problem ?


Does the factory warranty even kick in at this point? And does it transfer to subsequent owners or just the initial purchaser (my guess is just the initial purchaser…). As far as problems, you’re buying a (presumably) returned off lease MB that is just starting to get the point in it’s age when problems will start to creep up, especially if scheduled maintenance hadn’t been completed up to this point. (And note that basic maintenance is more expensive for MB than non-luxury cars too)


From your question it sounds like you should not be buying a used car.
It is August, there should be ample NEW, reliable, domestic, SUVs at end of model years discounts, probably at or below the price of a used MB.
As a friend of mine asked her MB dealer, can I ever bring it in for service and it will be less than $300?