Buying a used mercedes wagon

Is there anything i need to be aware of or worry about? i’m looking at a 2004 wagon with 51 thousand miles on it. Carfax shows it was a lease twice. Other than the battery and tires. Thanks so much.

They are not a good bet in terms of reliability but some people have luck. Expect maintenance costs to be much higher than the bulk of cars. Have it checked out by an independent MB mechanic, they will give you the inside scoop on them.

Thanks so much.

Having owned three MB’s over a very wide time span, and currently owning a 2000 ML320 SUV,my personal experience and readings of others regarding the cars and dealership experiences say DON’T DO IT!

Something has gone very wrong at Mercedes Benz, particularly over the last ten years and frankly they are better left alone in their misery.

I do understand the allure. Our ML320 is a very well balanced SUV concerning safety, driving enjoyment, and even economy. However, just too many things can and do go wrong including things you’d never dream of. Latest adventure: the motor that drives the flap that mixes cooled and heated air into the cabin, $911 to fix…
it is the first car I’ve ever owned that failed in this way. Then the list goes on to include power window switches, power doorlock switches, catalytic converters, windshield washer fluid tank (!), ac compressor, myriad dash board lights, radio, cd deck, retrofit of fuel filter requiring replacement of fuel lines, and many more.

Not worth the hassle for most drivers.

Which model, exactly? The more expensive, the more unreliable. C and E class have been ok over the last several years, as long as you stay away from V8s or AWD.

Any luxury car is more expensive to maintain and repair than other cars. If you don’t mind that, you should continue to consider it. I’d get it evaluated by a trusted mechanic to see what issues there are. If you have time to consider alternatives BMW, Audi, and Saab also produce luxury wagons.

Who is the seller? If it’s the leasing company (like a dealer) what warranty comes with the car?