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2015 Mazda Mazda6 - Structural issue?

Ray,my question is on a Carfax report on my 2015 Mazda 6 GT. When changing a blown out tire ( the result of hitting a pothole) in darkness and rain, I mistakenly placed the jack causing the right center pillar/ rocker panel to buckle out. Repairs followed and now appears on a Carfax report as structural damage. My efforts to get this removed by contacting Carfax, the body shop and insurance company have not been successful. The report came to light as I was in the process of trading the car. Two Mazda dealerships would not take the trade without discounting the value by $6000. Anyone reading the Carfax will now assume major damage. Is there any possible way to get this Carfax reort of structural damage amended ?

First of all , I don’t think Ray ever responds to any questions here . Second , that report on Carfax is not going away and it is most likely on Autocheck and other places as well. Look at this way , would you want to purchase a vehicle that had that info listed ? I think not.

It is structural damage.

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And did structural damage, Carfax is just reporting the truth, nothing you can do about it.

I had a 2000 Dakota, I was rear ended, only damage done was a broken taillight, I didn’t want police or insurance involved, the other driver wanted them involved. I told him for $50.00 I would fix it myself.

We both now have an accident on our driving records, and the Dakota had an accident report on Carfax. The other driver got a ticket for following to close.

You can always try selling the car yourself, Explain to potential buyers what the story is, though I do not know the implications of the structural damage.

Take a copy of your repair invoice and the car to Carmax. Maybe they will cut you some slack. You will know in 30 minutes.
My SIL’s 2016 Honda CRV was hit in the rear at a light. They replaced the liftgate. She wanted to downsize and sell the car. The dealer where she leased the car said they would not buy it, period. They would take it in trade at 80% of trade in value. There was no structual damage. The hit was above the bumper. only the lift gate was replaced and painted.
My SIL has found a private buyer for the buyout price. A good deal for the buyer if she keeps it awhile. The diminished value is 20% or so and of course lessens as the car depreciates.