2015 Mazda Mazda3 - rust underneath

Car beneath is rusty in various areas. Especially the silencer is rusted . Car dash is sticky. the car is GCC specs . Only 36K driven in the past 6.5 years .Used in United Arab emirates

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I presume the OP wants to know if the rust is a serious concern and why the dash is sticky. My guess is both are due to the local climate.

Mazda, Nissan and Toyota are having problems with gooey dash pad material.


Surface rust on a muffler (silencer) is normal, nothing to do as long as there’s no leak. If leak, replace muffler. If soap/water doesn’t resolve sticky dash problem, try a little pine-solvent cleaner, Pine-sol etc. Whenever using anything other than a simple soap/water cleaner, good idea to test it in an inconspicuous location first, in case it’s too aggressive & mars the finish. In OP’s case problem may be sun damage, and could require replacing the material. Place some sort of cardboard shield on the inside of the windshield to keep direct sun off dash when parked.

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