Anybody have experience with 2015 Mazda Mazda3?

Current car a nightmare, so looking to buy 2015 Mazda3…is the push start & info system terrible? Looking at Honda too.torn on decision

That’s something YOU’RE going to have to figure out yourself. Test drive it, then see if you can find a rental of the car you’re looking at (try to match the trim level of the one you tried at the dealership) and drive it around for a long weekend to see if you like it

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Yes, she’ll have to try it out herself, but I doubt Debra is going to completely substitute the opinions of internet strangers for her own. Maybe someone else has tried it and can offer their opinion.

Mazda 3’s are good cars. I assume you’re looking at a Honda Civic since that’s the comparable car, but I don’t know what year, so I can’t comment on that.

Why is your current car a nightmare?

My wife’s friend has had 3 Mazdas over the years, a 323 model, a Protege, and now a 2017 Mazda3 Sport. She loved all three and had good service from all. Our son had a 2004 which he just sold last year after lengthy service. My wife has a 2012 Mazda 3 Sport which has performed flawlessly.

My nephew just traded his Terrain SUV for a Mazda 3 Sport and is very happy.
None of these cars have any flaws; many cars have push button starts, as did the 1940 Ford Sedan!!

The only weakness I have observed that after 10 years, rust starts to form around the rear fenders.

Honda Civics are also good cars, but the Mazda3 is more fun the drive; those “Zoo Zoom” ads are for real.

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As far as reliability, CR’s survey data say the 2105 3 is much better than average in all aspects except in-car electronics, which are rated average. The '09-17 Mazda 3 is on their Best Used Vehicles under $20,000 list. CR has also rated infotainment systems a few times in the last few years - I don’t have that info handy.

I agree with Docnick’s observations, positive and negative. We don’t have a Mazda dealer here in Duluth, but the ones I see seem to be prone to more rust happening sooner than in other makes. That may not be a big factor where you live and drive.

Shopping for a used Mazda 3 for my wife, I was reading in Mazda forums that somewhere around 2011 or such they did change something in the rust protection department, and indeed I’ve observed more “emerging rust spots” in 2010 I was checking to compare to 2011/2012 ones, but it may be a simple coincidence and a function of age.

Our friends in Connecticut have 2010 Mazda 3, very happy with it, yes, when I looked under the rear arches, some rusty spots were showing up.

I’ve ended up finding a 2013, last year in the model line, we are very happy with a build quality and feel of the car at 78K miles it has now.

When shopping I was also reviewing a newer generation, but I did not want to buy a first year on production line (2014), while 2015 was already above my price threshold. My impression about new generation was as good as the one we own now: it has sufficient mud protection under arches and body, flaps covering areas where sand from wheels usually hits, so I think Mazda addressed the prior issue with “rusty clunkers” :slight_smile: