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2015 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid - Estimate doubled after work started

I have a 2015 Lincoln MKZ hybrid bought new from Lincoln Dealer. The front doors are rusting on the inside panel along the rear and along bottom edges. Lincoln agreed to correct the problem by replacing the front doors with a $1000 copay to which I agreed. After the car sat at the dealers body shop for 1 1/2 weeks while I thought repairs were being made, Lincoln informed me that my copay was changed to $2000 due to an error on their estimate. I brought the car home while I’m considering option.

Trade that car. Never buy that brand again. Just my $0.02. I’m a fan of Lincoln’s new vehicles, but I could not be happy with a brand after such an occurrence. I’d hold a grudge.

Seems there is some information lacking. If you signed a repair order and agreed to the fix, that would be a contract that the dealership would need to uphold. You taking the car back may have negated that contract. Maybe a discussion with a lawyer is in order.

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I wonder if the drain holes in the bottom of the doors got plugged up and the doors rusted from the inside out.


There’s a big difference between an estimate and a quote. People often use them interchangeably but they have very different meanings and ramifications. Estimates can be modified based on subsequent discovery. Quotes are harder to modify but then depends on the verbiage on the agreement. Was anything signed? Do you have a copy?

Why was the manufacturer willing to pay anything, are you under some sort of warranty coverage? Or was this a goodwill effort on their part?

Regardless, in the end I do not want anyone doing work on my stuff if they are unhappy. Leads to less than acceptable work in my experience.