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2015 Lincoln MKC - Is this a problem child?

Have there been any major drive train problems with the 2115 mkc

Lincoln doesn’t sell a huge number of them, but the answer from my perspective as a person employed in the biz of finding such problem cars and then writing about them, is “no.” Here is a link to CarComplaints, our sibling publication that may help you feel better about the car. Consumer Reports owners have reported issues with the infotainment system, but not so much it failing or being defective, but rather persnickety to use. Might be worth giving that a good “trial run” during your test drive to see if it fits your needs. One thing I don’t like baout the MKC is that it was a first year of that vehicle (though it is based on the Escape).

Next time at a library or bookstore, check what the Consumer Reports Used Car Guide says about the drive train too. You might try searching on 'lincoln mkc" using the forum search feature. See that icon that looks like a magnifying glass, upper right? I don’t recall many complaints here about that particular car.

@LarryDemers Just curious , what prompted the question ? Do you have one with problems , are you thinking of buying one ?

If the OP is just checking the MKC out, just see if there are reports in the CR guide rather than buy it. This guide might be available on line at the public library. It’s is in my county.

ALLDATA could possibly help. You can view a list of recalls and TSBs) Technical Service Bulletins) without subscribing (25 a year) for your particular model. This can provide a general feel for what’s going on.

Whether you car is listed or not I have no idea.

Thanks all for the reply’s Larry

Thank you Larry

Drive train much better than average for reliability, except Transmission Minor, better than average. Car overall worse than average. [Consumer Reports, April 2018, p. 93.]

If possible, I’d look for a 2016 model, just so you can have the much better Sync 3 infotainment system.