2015 Lexus NX 300H protection warranty

My question is not reaaly about my car, a 2015 Lexus NX200t F sport. I just bought it after my lease expired on May 2015 with 26,651 miles. I did not have it pre-certified, instead I got a protection warranty for $70.00/mo for 4 years or 85,000 miles. Would it have been better (or cheaper) to have gotten the car pre-certified? My first car payment is on June 6, 2018, with a 10 day grace period. Thanks.

Cheaper still is to cancel the extended warranty. Lexus cars are among the most reliable on the market today. If I owned a Lexus, I would not have an extended warranty.

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That’s $3360 for an unlikely event since Lexus is the most reliable luxury car on earth!

That warranty on a used Jaguar or Range Rover might just pay off since they are usually troublesome after the standard warranty runs out.

A very big profit for the seller and backer of the warranty; almost certainly a very bad deal for the buyer of a Lexus who knows the car well prior to purchase. My advice is to get out of it while you still can.

I’d cancel it. Your drivetrain and hybrid systems have longer warranties. You’re paying a lot for not much coverage.

The extended warranty is essentially a bet on the part of the insurer that the car will not need any expensive repairs, and they base that on the statistical reliability of the make and model of that car.

The purchaser of that warranty is betting that the car will need expensive repairs.

Can you guess which party almost always wins that type of bet?

I’m confused. Is that warranty you have obtained from Lexus (or Lexus/Toyota financial)? I purchased a longer warranty on a more expensive Lexus directly fomr the company about 4 years ago and paid $1,200. When I bought it, the car was already pre-owned and new to me, but the Mfg warranty had not yet expired. I think you fall into that same category. If that warranty is not directly from Lexus, you should look into getting one from the Mfg directly (via a Lexus Dealer). If it is directly from Lexus, please post some images of the contract. That is newsworthy. I won’t go deep on the Lexus warranty, but the hybrid parts have a warranty longer than the rest of the vehicle. I think you are wise to second-guess this. Lets us know how it works out.

Any amount over $200 for an extended warranty is too much money. They are complete rip-off. Doesn’t matter if it’s a manufacturer warranty or 3rd party…they all are NOT worth it. Sure - you’ll find some people who actually came out ahead, but the vast majority didn’t. People who buy them are the same type of people who buy lottery tickets. “Gee - Look this person just won Powerball. I should buy a ticket so I can win.” The better way to look at it…“Gee - Look at the MILLIONS of people who buy thousands and thousands of Powerball tickets and NEVER win. I’m never going to buy a ticket.”

The odds of cashing in on an extended warranty may be better then the odds of Powerball, but not by much. And insurance companies know this.

No way would I pay $3360 for a third-party “extended warranty” for 4 years on a car which I owned since new, and know its complete history. I do not see your car needing any significant repairs within the next 4 years, unless you have abused it or failed to keep up with proper maintenance (in which case the “extended warranty” will deny any repairs anyways).

To put this into perspective, I currently own two vehicles: a 2004 Toyota Corolla, bought new, and a 1995 Dodge Caravan, bought used in 2016. The Caravan has had a lot of mechanical problems within the past two years, mainly due to poor maintenance by previous owners, even though it only has 122,xxx miles on it now. The Corolla has reached 100,000 miles earlier this year with only one repair: a leaking water pump, which was replaced under the factory warranty. I actually did buy the ToyotaCare extended warranty at the time of purchase, mainly for peace of mind, since it is backed by the manufacturer, and it cost a lot less than $3360. I never had an problems with the car after the warranty ran out.

My advice is to cancel this so-called “extended warranty” ASAP and save your money for the unlikely event that unexpected repairs are needed. It’s very likely they won’t be. More importantly, you can use the money to pay for maintenance and upkeep, such as oil changes, batteries, tires, belts, transmission fluid change, etc, which an “extended warranty” never pays for.

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