Is an extended warranty for your used car a good deal? and is nitro better in your tire than air?


should i look for an extended warranty for my 02 lexus es300? and is nitro safe and better for my tires like the ealership says?


A Lexus or a Toyota (and your car is essentially a gussied-up Toyota Camry), should not require an extended warranty. However, if you do think that you want an extended warranty, be sure that you purchase one that is backed by Lexus, not by a third party. “Third Party” extended warranties rarely cover the parts that break, and these companies have been known to go belly-up with your money in their account.

As to the tires, I hope that you are referring to nitrogen, rather than nitroglycerine or nitromethane, as the term “nitro” normally refers to one of those two substances,and neither of them is anything to fool around with. Opinions on nitrogen inflation of tires is still an unresolved issue. It will certainly do no harm. Whether it is beneficial is still being debated.


For an inherently reliable car like a Lexus, an extended warranty is usually a waste of money. Put the price of the warranty into a money market account. If you need repairs that would have been covered by the warranty, tap into the account to pay for them. Most likely, by the time the warranty would expire, the account will be untouched and you will have the money plus interest.

Ordinary air is already 80% nitrogen. At most, canned nitrogen will have less water vapor (humidity). If there is a difference, I don’t worry about it.