2015 Lexus ES 350 - anticipating future issues

Wondering about weaknesses in the future ? Low mileage 2015 Lexus ES 350

Why are you asking ? Do you have one or looking at a used one . Just like any other used vehicle , it may have problems that others have had or it may develop some new ones . Then again it may be almost trouble free for quite awhile.

I have owned the car for about (1) year .

A few reports of brake and engine problems. https://www.carcomplaints.com/Lexus/ES_350/2015/ Have the car checked out by a good independent mechanic so see what might be on the horizon. Your Owner’s Manual will have service recommendations so you can see what might be due or past due.

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Dealer or Indy shop will usually include an inspection of certain things. Particularity brakes, at least give you a list of things that might be required in the future. You could do the pre purchase inspection to give a better idea. More involved than the 45pt you get with an oil change.

Maintain the transmission fluid, as with all the other fluids in the vehicle, and you’ll get many miles out of your Lexus.


First, make sure all maintenance has been done, catch up on anything you don’t know for sure has been done. Then follow the maintenance schedule to the letter. That’s what I do.

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I have seen some door lock actuator failures, for the most part, that series of ES 350 is trouble free.

Most of the possible failures have nothing to do with oil changes, a good independent mechanic won’t be able to predict if or when the Multi-Display unit, audio amplifier or a window motor fails.

Unfortunately, the OP has already owned the car for a year. A general inspection by a good mechanic and bringing maintenance up to date is about the best he can do. As @Nevada_545 pointed out, it won’t catch everything but it might head off some repairs.