2015 Kia Soul AC compressor died

I have a 2015 Kia Soul which just had the air conditioning compressor go out, seems like it could be a recal item. Never in any car I have owned has this happened, especially being only 3 years old!,

Isn’t it covered by your warranty?

No, I have 112,000 miles on this car. I commute 100 miles a day to and from work. Just doesn’t seem right for it to go out so soon. Had a Toyota Scion before, put over 500,000 miles and had No issues other the routine maintenance!!

I can’t remember a website name, but I’ve done a recall search using the VIN. I don’t think I knew the website then either, I just did a search with the terms “recalls using VIN” and picked one of them. One of the smart posters on this site may know of a technical service bulletin on this vehicle, but I think the website search can get you the recalls.

Although timewise, 3-4 years old is a young car, 112K miles is not. For my vehicles, the AC system has not been trouble-free. Congrats on 500K with your previous car; definitely not a common situation.