2015 Honda Fit won't start

This is going to be a long post, so please bear with me. Friday morning my car was running fine. Parked it at home and went back out a hour later and the car was dead. Checked the battery and the positive terminal had corrosion. Cleaned it up and still nothing. Decided the get a new positive post for the cable because it looked worn. Put it on and the car came on after a few tries. (Its a push button vehicle). The car drove fine for a day and the next day it was dead again. No power at all. Removed the negative battery cable from the terminal and tried messing with it on the battery post and noticed it making the fizzing noise when you rub the post on the terminal, but it didnt make that noise all the time. So Im just trying to figure out if I need a whole new negative terminal cable, or what? A friend said it could be the starter too, the car would make a grinding noise every now and then when it would turn on. When I rub the post on the terminal, there would be a connection and sometimes there wouldn’t be. Any ideas would be much appreciated thank you

The battery is 3 years old, and it may need to be replaced. Take it to a car parts store and have I told tested. I usually have to replace my batteries every 3 to 4 years.

I put a new battery in this passed November. I had it tested out just in case. When I was able to get the car going, I drove it to advance auto part and they said the battery is good as well as the alternator. I should of had them test the starter too but it just left my mind

According to my research,faulty starters were installed in some of these vehicule. Read the following post and look at the last reply at the bottom of the page. https://talk.dallasmakerspace.org/t/2015-honda-fit-lx-random-no-start-issues-resolved/27746/58