2015 GMC Acadia - Battery dies

Battery goes dead.nobody can tell me what’s causing it. 2015 replaced 4 batteries so far.4 days it’s dead. Now it’s down to 6 hours.i can’t believe there’s no bullitin on this from GMC

Has a test been done for a parasitic draw? It sounds like that’s your issue.

You could start pulling fuses one by one to find the circuit causing the problem.

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Why not just recharge the battery rather than replacing it 4 times? It isn’t a flashlight battery, it is rechargable.

@lion9car is right you have a parasitic draw. Something is draining your battery when the car is turned off. It the car has an aftermarket radio or amplifiers, aftermarket security system, remote start, anything non-factory, assume it is one of those first. Pull the fuse overnight and see if that solves it.

Or take it to an auto repair shop and expect to pay for the time it takes to find the problem.