2015 Ford Fusion - drifting on the highway

I also have a 2015 Fusion Titanium AWD and have issues with steering, ie. drifting while on hwy, mainly to the left. I have brand new tires (all the samew/ about 6,000+ miles), I recently had a 4 wheel a 4 wheel alignment, they it was out of Align and corrected it at tire discounters. On a trip and drifting again.

It’s a rare problem for that model but it does happen. 2015 Ford Mustang Drifting: 1 Complaints There could be a problem with the steering. It’s also possible you have a bad tire. Or you could also have suspension damage if you bought the vehicle used. Take it to a Ford dealer and have the tires and suspension inspected and the alignment checked. Yes, you’ll pay for the service but you’ll have a second opinion and maybe an answer to your car’s behavior.

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Yeah I was going to say try rotating the front to the rear and see if it changes anything?
Just for fun make sure the tire pressure is all even as well always check the basics first.
Albeit, should have been checked and probably was at the time of alignment I would hope at least?

If the alignment was out a lot it could have worn the4 tires unevenly to one side. Try swapping the tires side to side.

There was a recall for the electric steering a while ago.The car steering could lock up making the vehicule non responsive.

If this happens on roads you have travelled before and is. New issue, then you should have the alignment checked after filling the tires. Some highways have high crowns to shed water quickly and that could be part of the issue too. This would only be important if drifting occurs on a newly travelled road.

Just because you were charged for a 4-wheel alignment, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it was done properly.


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Are all the tires the same model, size, and age?

I once bought a used 1983 Corolla wagon that had a different model tire at each corner. It had been driven by a very heavy man to deliver newspapers. I paid $400. As soon as I fixed the brakes (“They work - you just hafta pump 'em”) it got new tires. The suspension and steering needed no work!

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It used to be a bad idea to swap radials side to side. Dunno if it still is but some newer tires have asymmetrical tread so that they would need to be remounted before you put them on the other side.

My old 1977 Corolla had mismatched front tires for as long as I owned it. I probably should have noticed an effect on steering and handling but I didn’t

Right right you can swap radial side to side now but if they are directional you have to watch,
If they are directional you can just switch front to rear,