2015 Ford Focus - From 4 to 3

I had a 2015 with 2.0 and 6 speed “automatic”
Mine had to have the software set about 5K due to rough shifts . But shortly began shifting rough again. Coming around corner may or may not shift down.
I sparred with Ford reps over a period of time. They said the newer ones had a “fix”. I then asked for a 2016 or 17 transmissson. BUt the warranty only offered 2015 original parts. Go figure. I could not get any concession.
I loved the car, and found out the 3 cyclinder version had a regular 6 speed automatic. I loved the rest of the cadr so much I got a 2017 focus but with the 3 cylinder. The dealer did give me a good deal to do so.

Where did you get a 3 cylinder Ford Focus ? I thought they were all 4 cylinder engines.

Yes Ford has been making the three cylinder, designed in Germany, for a little bit of time. It has a turbo cable bill of 240,000 RPM max. 123 horse are sold about the same foot pounds of torque with the torque is a relatively low RPM of 3400 range making it very nice and fun to drive. The three cylinder also goes on the fiesta

Is. The three cylinder is only one liter but don’t let that fool you

Where are you located because I may be wrong but I don’t think the 3 cylinder is sold here in the US yet .


Missouri Mine is a 2017

ford brochure



The available 1.0L EcoBoost I-3 engine has taken top honors* in the sub-1.0-liter category for five consecutive years. The 123-hp and 125-lb.-ft.-of-torque powerplant has turbocharged direct injection.

*International Engine of the Year Awards 2016, from 2012 to 2016.

1.0L EcoBoost® Engine (included)

Different transmission than the four cylinder

A traditional 6 speed auto, not the dual clutch of the 4 cylinder


Here is a review of the 1-liter, 3-cylinder Focus by a CarTalk colleague. In case anyone is interested. Here’s a fun fact. No counterbalance shaft on that engine. Yet, it is still smooth. The Focus is gone now, but I suspect that engine will find some new homes as Ford switches to new small crossover models.