2001 Ford Explorer Sport - Stalls

I have a 2001 Ford Explorer Sport. It’s not a 4wheel drive. I don’t have any noticable car problems and the air conditioner seems to work well, but recently on occasion my car will stall when coming to a stop when my a/c is on. Is there a problem with my engine? This began after I moved to the Arizona heat.

DO you have a check engine light on? I am guessing you do. and probably an ABS light on for a long while. it is common in fords around those years. have the vehicle scanned for codes to get a better idea where the problem is. most Autoparts stores will do this for free. here is a link that will give you an idea where the problem can come from. I will add to check for vacuum leaks. it is a good chance you have one with that age of vehicle. And causing the problem.

Ford Explorer Stalling → Causes & Diagnosis | Drivetrain Resource (700r4transmissionhq.com)

No info on the engine type? Wild guess… dirty throttle body and/or failed idle air control valve.


When the AC is turned on it causes an extra load on the engine. That’s normal. The drivetrain computer adjusts for this by increasing the idle rpm a little to avoid stalling. Something wrong w/that function I expect. One common reason is the throttle body is oily & sticking and that’s preventing the computer to bump the idle speed. The throttle body is the engine part that contains the actual throttle valve, and how much that is open or closed in turn determines the engine rpm. New vehicles that valve is controlled by an electrical motor and that could fail too. Not sure how your engine is configured though. All or at least most engines have this same function. On my older Corolla – if it had AC, which it doesn’t — that function is done by an electrical solenoid that opens to allow more air to flow into the engine when the AC is turned on.

The Idle Air Control valve may be dirty or defective.


To find out, the next time you come to a stop with the AC on, brake with your left foot and slightly step on the gas with your right foot.

If doing this prevents the engine from stalling, the issue is with the IAC valve.


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