2015 Ford C-Max Hybrid motion sensor false positives

My Ford C-Max Hybrid’s motion sensors are messed up in a weird way. Ford says there is nothing wrong. They work fine when driving/parking, however, they also send LOTS AND LOTS of false positives, mostly when stopping at a light or stop sign. Very frequently there is NO ONE AND NOTHING around me when it goes all the way to a “solid beep” as if i’m about to hit something when i’m at a dead stop! as in i will completely stop, then it will start beeping continually. i have to put it in park at nearly every light or long stop to avoid losing my mind. As i said, the Ford guy had someoen walk around hte car, and the sensors worked fine, so he concluded i was crazy. They also tell me they cannot disable the sensors. HELP!

Go to another dealership, and see if you can get someone to ride along with you, or let them drive it so they can duplicate the problem and go from there.

That is correct, they don’t want to leave their selves open to a lawsuit.

Until you get those failing sensors replaced you may want to switch off the park assist system, the button is located below the A/C controls, it is labeled with a “P”. With the park assist system off you won’t be tempted to shift into park while in traffic.